About me

Hey, I’m Adam. The idea of writing a blog before would of completely terrified me. I’ve never considered myself particularly good with words, but when it’s something that means so much to you, it’s so easy. I’ve got a beautiful family, who I love to bits, a good job and a home. So what’s so wrong with me?!

I suffer from Anxiety, Depression and OCD. I have done for well over 10 years now, I think i was 17 when I first started to realise something wasn’t right. I Dont think you can really understand how painful these things can be until you experience it first hand or live with someone that suffers with it.

it’s taken me this long to be public about the struggles iv had, and when I say public, even some of my closest family didn’t know about this.

By writing this blog, my hope is that it will help my therapy. when you actually put your thoughts on paper, you can literally feel that weight lift off you. I really want to help people suffering with these conditions. I’m by no means medically qualified, but what I have learnt is that it’s good to talk and tell people if your not ok. Maybe you can relate to some of the things in my blog. We’re all human after all. Xx

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