Being positive (or trying to be!)

Being positive can give you hope. It can make you happy and it can make you achieve things you never thought you could.

But it’s not always as easy as it sounds is it? Well that’s what I’ve found out anyway. For years I’ve gone through these waves of negativity. It’s so difficult to pull yourself out of a negativity tornado as I call it. Why do I call it that? Because to put it quite simply, when I feel negative, it feels like there’s a tornado in my head, messing everything up and causing destruction. It feels like it sweeps away any positivity I had and I’m left to pick up the pieces. I know that sounds quite deep, but that’s the easiest way for me to describe it.

So how do I avoid the tornado? Well to be honest, I don’t always avoid it, I’ve just learnt how to cope and how to pull myself out of it over the years. Music helps me a lot. I find a lot of comfort in music. There’s so many different types, genres etc. Iv made myself a playlist of songs that make me feel happy. And honestly it’s full of random songs. Sometimes I write down the things that have got me down and made me negative. Once iv done it, I read it back to myself, then I delete it, my way of getting rid of the negativity. Another thing I will do is try and set myself a goal to achieve. It can be a really small goal, it’s just got to be achievable. I find this distracts my mind from the things that are getting me down. Then once i’ve achieved it, I’ve done something positive and I feel good.

Once I’m out of that tornado my head feels a lot clearer. I would probably compare it to the sky on a bright summers day. ☀️

I used to wake up some mornings and say to myself ‘your going to have a good day today, stay positive and everything will be ok’. I don’t do this anymore and this is why….. I felt I was putting too much pressure on myself to ‘have a good day!’ My overthinking, overanalysing mind would be looking to pick any faults in my day. I would be on my way to work and someone would cut me up in the car or I’d have the most stressful day at work. Then I’d go into the mindset of ‘so much for a good day’ and I’d get negative. I’m not saying this doesn’t work for anyone but it doesn’t really work for me, because I overanalyse everything.

instead, I review my day at the end of each day. What was good, what was bad. Why was it bad? Was it my fault? I always end on a positive note though. So I feel that i’ve done something good each day. I feel that by doing this, I’m able to draw out the positive parts of my day, and address the negative parts. I just felt I was setting myself up for a fall by putting too much pressure on myself to ‘have a good day’.

Being positive can be really difficult sometimes, especially when your anxious all the time. But in my own personal experience I’ve learnt to always seek a positive thing in my day, because being positive gives me hope and having hope means I can feel better about myself.

I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m positive I can get to where I need to be and eventually learn to be a lot more resistant to negativity.

**As I mentioned before I am not a therapist. These blogs are just my honest account about my life and the challenges I face.**

Thanks for reading💚

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1 thought on “Being positive (or trying to be!)”

  1. Work pressures sometimes can crush our positivity , I can understand that , it’s hard to soldier on with the day when so many negative things are happening around us , I try to think that because our jobs are pretty repetitive and similar situations arise throughout the day every day , sometimes handling a negative situation in a slightly different way can sometimes turn a negative into a positive x hope that makes sense ?


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