Digging deep and finding the ‘real’ me

I scared myself a little while ago. No I didn’t look in the mirror! I started to really think about how precious life is. What are we? What purpose do we have? Our time on this earth is so short in the grand scheme of things. When you really sit back and think about how life begins and how it ends you can easily get lost in your thoughts. I started to question what I stood for, what kind of person I was and what I could do to make a difference in this world. Yes all very deep I know!

Covid has closed a lot of opportunities for people. There is no doubt about that, but here is the thing I have learnt from counselling. Always seek out a positive to move forward. This can be really difficult and is not an easy mindset to get into straight away. I am by no means perfect at this. There are days when I feel overwhelmed. My anxiety could be really kicking off and I dig myself into a negative hole. The difference now though is i have learnt how to pull myself out that hole relatively quickly and a lot of this is down to having a positive mindset. Life can be shit sometimes and when bad things happen its so easy to fall into a negative way of thinking (the negative hole as I call it). It’s ok to fall in that hole but you have to know how to get out of it and also learn not fall in it as much.

So how do I want to make a difference? I decided I wanted to spread a bit of positivity through the world. Every time I log onto the various social media platforms its full of people falling out with each other and just general bad news. Good news is never highlighted half as much as it should.

So I created my page, Practice Positive. It is literally a place where people can come to read positive, motivational quotes and good news stories. My aim is to fill people’s news feeds with positive news. I have big plans to evolve this into something much bigger and to offer more services to help people. Please check my page out and give me a like, it really would mean the world to me.


I really feel like I have made great progress with my own mental health in the past few months. There have been times where I really questioned myself. Will I ever feel better, can I get a hold of this. Well the answer is yes I can. I can’t fix everything but I also don’t let anxiety,OCD define me as a person. I accept that I am human and this is what I have. I don’t want these things to hold me back anymore and I won’t let them.

After reflecting on the points I started talking about at the start of this blog I now really do realise that this life is short and you only get one shot. I found myself wasting so much time worrying about things, re going over things, checking etc. I’d be shocked if I ever put an actual time value on the time I had lost. Its ok though because now I am looking to the future and I am positive I can make a difference to my life and others.

I want to use my personal experiences to help others and help them to enrich their lives. Being able to help others also makes me feel good about myself.

So there you go, I dug deep and I although I was scared at the start, I am now thriving on creating a better future for myself, my family and others.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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