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Covid’s Cracking The Best Of Us

It’s a year now since the dreaded C word started to plague our lives. No not the C word you may be thinking of! It’s COVID. I’m not entirely sure any of us can believe the impact it’s had on our lives. The death toll has been tragic and my love goes out to the […]

Anxiety…and all the crap that goes with it!

Every single one of us will experience anxiety in our lifetime. Some a lot more than others. It’s something that’s becoming a lot more recognised now, especially given the impacts of COVID. I’ve had anxiety for a number of years. It will normally start to affect me when I think about something I have to […]

Recognising when things aren’t right -Depression

I’ve suffered from OCD, anxiety and bouts of depression for years. I knew I had OCD at an early stage. I had heard about the symptoms briefly and I went to my doctor. I’ve talked about OCD in my last couple of blogs so this time I will talk more on depression. Depression. It’s a […]


So OCD sucks. I was quite clear on that in my last blog. It picks at your vulnerabilities, it picks at your kind side and it makes you doubt everything you do. So how do you begin to tackle this bloody thing?! Well I’ve been trying to figure that out for the best part of […]

O.C.D & ME Part 1

OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I suffer from it. I have done for 13 years to be precise. It’s taken a lot for me to write that sentence. I’ve hidden it for so long, because I was ashamed of it and I thought that I was weird for having it. It affects all parts of my […]

It’s good to talk…

It’s been a little while since my last blog. Things seem to have been really busy. I had my first counselling session a few days ago. I was excited. It’s something I’ve not tried before, well not in this format anyway. I’m so determined to improve the way I feel, I’m open to new approaches. […]

Being positive (or trying to be!)

Being positive can give you hope. It can make you happy and it can make you achieve things you never thought you could. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds is it? Well that’s what I’ve found out anyway. For years I’ve gone through these waves of negativity. It’s so difficult to pull […]

“Just stop thinking about it and it will go away!”

That sentence above is one of the most frustrating things someone has ever said to me. There was no malice intended, but it’s just not something you say to someone who overthinks. Its like if I say to you, ‘Don’t think about a pink Elephant’, I bet your thinking of it now right?! Overthinking is […]

How it started

I’ve asked myself this question hundreds of times over the years and to be honest, I’m still not 100% sure to this day that I know how it started. There are various different things I remember. But one thing that really sticks out. About 13 years ago I went on a holiday to Cyprus. Before […]

About me

Hey, I’m Adam. The idea of writing a blog before would of completely terrified me. I’ve never considered myself particularly good with words, but when it’s something that means so much to you, it’s so easy. I’ve got a beautiful family, who I love to bits, a good job and a home. So what’s so […]

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